Be a Caddy to the People Around You

So much of our time is spent on looking at other people envying what they have, criticizing them, and worrying about what they think of us. It is inherent in us as human beings. This is not a new observation. However, I feel like I don’t see people making any effort to try to counteract these feelings. This may be because I don’t personally know what emotions and feelings other people have aside from my own; but I believe that we as humans have a lot of potential, particularly, to help others. Think of that situation when you received praise for an action that you did. The feeling of appreciation and gratitude after someone says something good about you is unmatched. We all know this feeling, and yet we are so involved in trying to gain this feeling for ourselves that we don’t try to help others achieve this state of mind.

I began to think more about this watching an episode of Parks and Recreation. Chris Traeger, an upbeat character said in a recent episode, “I love being a caddy. It is not just about carrying clubs. It is about offering positive reinforcement…I consider myself a caddy to everyone in my life”

A caddy is by a professional golfer’s side for all four rounds in a tournament, reading greens, giving advice on club choice, pin placement, and tons of other elements that go into the game. If a golfer wins, it is rare that a caddy receives much credit, which is reasonable. However, without the caddy, it would be near impossible for the golfer to win the tournament on their own. Chris Traeger’s observation struck a chord with me.

We should all strive to have the ability to be a caddy. We have the ability to give positive reinforcement and help others, which can have a huge impact. A caddy’s job is to continue to offer the advice and positive reinforcement whether the golfer is leading the tournament or in last place. Being able to offer positive reinforcement and trying not to criticize people, whether they are on top of the world or down in the dumps, can lead them to great success. I hope everyone can strive to be a caddy to everyone around them.