A Brief History of Mine

I am not (yet) a blockchain or cryptocurrency expert. What I write in this blog will be the conclusions (some of them wrong) and impressions (which will change) of the potential for this technology — where the most exciting (to me) innovations lie and where potential (to me) seems unfulfilled.

Mostly, I’m here to learn. So feel free to expand, contradict, or correct. All well-intentioned input will be greatly appreciated.

To lay out a bit of background. I was originally an Astrophysicist; finishing my PhD in 2012 after four years studying transiting exoplanets. Having decided not to remain in academia, I started looking for a job in the “real world”.

But that was boring, so instead I joined the games industry.

I started out as an analyst with Oxford (UK) company NaturalMotion, which was bought by Zynga two years later. A year after I moved on to Exient to become Director of Live Operations.

Without diving into too much detail about those 4 years, I got incredibly lucky. I can’t think of many other places or times where I could have enjoyed the same breadth of experience and exposure.

I helped build NM’s data reduction processes; learned from the setups of Zynga, Rovio, and various 3rd party platforms; and would ultimately build my own from scratch.

I learned python, javascript, and clojure in real-world applications. I learned how to create a successful product — and service — and how to characterise and fix an unsuccessful one. I would balance, rebalance, and rerebalance a variety of in-game economies.

I lived through a company going from established to hugely successful to exit and saw the sense of fulfilment in the founders as years of investment found recognition to the tune of half-a-billion dollars.

I wanted to experience that for myself. And it was that (the fulfilment, not the money) that would ultimately lead me to leave Exient to become a founder myself.

What we built — and are building — is the topic for another time. But today is January 1st, 2018 and, though we’ve been working on this for almost two years, today it feels like we’ve finally reached the beginning.

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