Features of my classroom that my students feel are creating a productive learning environment in an atypical school year.

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Looking Toward Fall 2020 and Spring 2021

Most schools in the United States are not functioning as they normally would. This means that students are either exclusively online, meeting in a hybrid structure with alternating in person and remote learning days, or some blend of the previous two environments.

Having reflected on some takeaways from last year in my last piece entitled, Five Ways School Closures Could Cause a Productive Change in Learning, I decided to take my own advice and consider how to change my classroom procedures to facilitate learning through differentiation, asynchronous learning (when appropriate), and positive classroom culture. …

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Pure project-based learning (PBL) is an instructional model that is always of interest to me, as it focuses on empowering students to put their best effort forth by affording them the autonomy to make choices, which combined with appropriate resources and support, often leads to high student achievement. As much as this seems ideal, the implementation and cultivation of an effective classroom environment in which students have virtually full autonomy has often remained just beyond my reach.

When given the opportunity to teach a computer science course, anchored primarily in skill development with the goal of showing mastery through content creation, it felt like the right time to shine for PBL. …

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Two years ago I wrote a post called Dead or Alive: What is going on with the Virtual Reality Industry? and I never thought it would get the readership that it did. Since then I have invested more time in learning the design process, prototyping some product ideas, and seeing how, from an “outsider’s view,” the perceived value of the industry is changing.

As referenced in my previous story, I felt that the Virtual Reality industry had to do some soul searching before it would be able to carve its own niche. …


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