I don’t think that the electors exercising their independent judgment is revolutionary.

While I’m no fan of Trump, I don’t believe the EC should select Clinton. That would be contrary to the spirit of the Constitution, which allocates electors by state. It would violate the spirit of the law for an elector representing Ohio to cast a ballot for Clinton, because this elector’s state clearly supported Trump. Electors are not meant to be “democratic” on a national scale; instead, they are meant to be “republican” (all lower case) or representative, in that they represent the people in their respective states, not the national popular will.

We may rightfully amend the Constitution to change the EC process for the next election, but for all intents and purposes in the 2016 general election, I can only support the argument that the right thing for electors to do would be to cast the vote based on how the American people voted in their state.

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