NBA Lord of the Rings-The Return of King James

Once upon a time, in “the land” far, far away, a king was born. The king was named LeBron, and it was his destiny to be the greatest that ever lived. At age 20, King James claimed his seat on the throne, and became one of the youngest ever to take home the royal honor of Rookie of the Year. Over the next seven years, The King would achieve many great individual accolades, doing things that none before him could do. However, he would also suffer many defeats, droughts and great disappointment. It seemed the pressure to lead was too much for the young king, and he could not bring glory to his kingdom.

In the 2010th summer, he took his family; including Prince Bronny, and the beautiful Queen Savannah and fled south to the beaches of Miami. He joined forces with two great warriors: Dwayne the Wade and Chris the Bosh. They had many great victories, including two that would cement the king’s personal glory, but not his overarching legacy. There was only one way to do that, bring victory to “the land”, and fulfill the prophecy. After four prosperous years in the beaches of the south, King James gathered up his family again to take the long, arduous journey back to his kingdom in “the land”.

He would not be satisfied until he rewrote the history books, and proved the naysayers wrong. That first year back in “the land” was the longest of his life, as he advanced on the mighty Warriors of the Golden State. Again, he suffered great heartbreak in defeat. With injuries to two of his best men, he could not carry on any further and was forced to raise the white flag in the sixth month of the 2015th year. The second year seemed like it would be much of the same.

The great Warriors of the Golden State were slaying everyone in the west and suffering the least amount of defeats of any army in history. The great king led his men through the east, conquering many great cities on their path to the final war. They would again meet up with their old foes, the great Warriors of the Golden State, but this time, they were at full strength and it was personal. What would follow would be weeks of blood, sweat and tears and it seemed like King James and his men were again on the brink of defeat and the heartbreak of the people of their great city.

But, the king would not be denied! In the fifth battle with his back against the wall; King James put on a Herculean performance and pushed the enemies back! The sixth battle was much of the same, as he crushed his enemies in every facet and put “the land” on his back! The seventh and final battle was one for the ages, as King James did anything and everything necessary to lead his men to victory! And so it came to pass, King James fulfilled his legacy and a great statue was built to honor him in “the land” where he and his queen and the young princes and princess would live out the remainder of their days, happily ever after.

The End.

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