What Stories Are True in Your Universe? Examining the words of the enigmatic Philip K. Dick.

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Author Philip K. Dick’s existentialist philosophy found its way into his literary works in a fantastical sense. It most notably took — I dare say its “literal” reasoning — when he was given the opportunity to speak publicly. From theories on simulated universes to lives being lived simultaneously in different historical timelines, Dick did his best to bring a sense of logic to far-out ideas.

However, perhaps his most overlooked and likely most notable words of wisdom came during his famous “How To Build A Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later” speech at Disney in 1978, where he spoke on the power storytellers hold in shaping our reality (amongst other topics). While stories shape our realities, he noted that stories also find themselves full of chaos, character development, and usually aim to better explain or further understand an idea. …

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Remote learning is the buzzword defining education this fall and it’s going to challenge education. In conjunction, education’s shift to incorporating digital technology and multi-media is going to accelerate.

As a high school teacher working in a Google powered school and a current university student (I’m upgrading credentials) I’ve tried out countless apps that make life much easier once you get the hang of them. My background in filmmaking and digital publishing makes the process a little more comfortable for myself, however, I realize there’s often unease for those looking at trying new apps or accessing new digital resources.

I routinely recommend the following apps to all of my students or use them myself. They’re fairly simple and arguably necessary to become a more efficient and effective student. Best of all, these apps and resources have free versions that are completely functional and effective. …

I get it, you want to the best gear. So do I, but…

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Since DSLRs started capturing video most photographers became hybrid artists, adding video to their game and vice-versa.

Now there’s a major shift happening in the camera world. Canon and others are committing to mirrorless cameras. Canon’s top full-frame mirrorless camera now shoots as high as 8k video. …


Andrew George

I write about tech and its impact on individuals and society, for the most part. I’m also a teacher. www.andrewjoegeorge.com

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