Adverse Effects of Divorce on Children

The separation of parents leaves a terrible effect on the kids that stays with them for the entire life, and there are high chances of children following their parent’s footsteps.

Divorce is not only tough for the separating couple, but it has terrible effect on children born both in and out of the wedlock. Watching parents split can leave a psychological scar on children that can impact their future.

Divorce: The Worrying Stats

In the United States, it is estimated that about 40–50% of marriages end up in divorce. This percentage of divorce has held its ground even though the rate of marriages has seen a drop over the recent years. Some statistics show, while 41% of first marriages end up in divorce, the number rises to nearly 60% in case of second marriages. Moreover, in the case of third marriage, this figure rises to an astonishing 73%. These numbers show how common divorce has become in the society, and it does have its share of effects on children.

Divorce Impact on Children

Children are innocent victims of a divorce. It is projected that thousands of children are badly affected by divorces each year. Over the last few years, the percentage of children who are being brought up by single-parent has tripled. Several negative values come with divorce and separation, and some of those can even remain with kids for a lifetime. A few of those are explained below.

Susceptible to Sickness

Children who have seen their parents’ fight and divorce live at a higher risk of developing various health issues.

Indulgence in Crime and Picking Bad Habits

The worst effects of divorce are witnessed when children grow smoking & drinking habit, get involved in juvenile delinquency, start taking a drug and so on.

Impact on Education

The kids who are living with a single parent are more likely to leave their school. These children are also more liable to get trapped under psychological as well as the behavioral issues.


Cases of financial instability are witnessed with children not living with their biological parents.

Sexual Abuse

Adolescents who are not living with both the parents are at greater risk of physical/sexual violence or indulging in out-of-wedlock sexual intercourse and end up becoming a single parent.

Poor All-round Skills

Kids, who have seen their parents separate, often lack in mathematical and social skills. They are more likely to suffer anxiety, low self-esteem, and stress. Although, weak mathematical skills can be because learning math is a cumulative process.


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