And So We Go. Amman, Jordan

A little over a year ago there was an inspiring conversation.

A funny little “wouldn’t it be cool if…” with a beautiful woman I love. This seemingly inane conversation set in motion a series of events that is sure to fundamentally change the fabric of who we will become.

As often happens with the little “what ifs” in our lives, this “what if” became a dare of sorts. An earworm of an idea we couldn’t shake. So, we started taking steps. Cautiously at first, one step at a time. Calculated research about an amazing, misunderstood part of the world. Then, bigger steps. Then faster steps. She searched, submitted, interviewed, interviewed, interviewed and signed. Before I knew it, we were looking back at a well executed plan and looking down at a one-way plane ticket.

We celebrated, packed, duffeled, weighed, locked, hugged, weighed again, cried, clipped, jetted, landed, duffeled, slept and reeled.

My wife works for a humanitarian organization. And now we live in Amman, Jordan. Worthy adventures have uncertain ends. But in my opinion, these are the only experiences deserving of the title “adventure”. And so we go. Because if nothing is certain, anything is possible. Here we sit in Amman, home sweet wild home.