Contiki Travels with No Regrets

Agency: Archrival | Client: Contiki

Contiki is an adventure company. They have mastered what it means to live young, wild and free. Archrival partnered with Contiki for their 2017 global campaign to create a campaign connecting young people to the spirit of traveling with no regrets that utilized social influencers they admire most.

The landing state introduced the activation concept and then the influencers currently participating.

We were enamored with the thought of a week or two weeks or a month where one was forced to confront their comfort zone on a daily basis. So that’s exactly what we created. We pitted globally relevant influencers against one another in competitions to expand their comfort zones. Every moment was documented and shared with an on-trend, fast-paced daily video.

We gave the influencers a simple charge: Expand your comfort zone every minute of everyday.

Fans rated each influencers comfort zone by expanding a circular mask around their photo. This mask became a representation of their score but also their new comfort zone.

But, who won? How do you quantify a comfort zone? We built an interface to allow the social crowd to participate in each day’s videos. The entire mobile video experience was built around expanding comfort zones and every onlooker was called to be a judge. Fans gave influencers points by rating how far each influencer expanded their comfort zone.

The result was a content-based global campaign with fantastic prolonged engagement. Fans actively participated in content directly answering Contiki’s brand promise: “Travel with no regrets.”

Case study appropriated from

Agency: Archrival

Client: Contiki

Campaign: No Regrets; 2017 Global

Assets: Mobile Video Experience, Digital and social assets

Role: Creative direction; interface design direction. Design with Will Buller

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