Mutual Of Omaha’s My Wild Kingdom

Agency: Phenomblue| Client: Mutual Of Omaha

In 1963, Wild Kingdom broadcast its first episode on NBC. A TV dynasty was born. The show brought the wild to countless viewers, showcasing the excitement of nature while imparting valuable facts about our planet.

Phenomblue partnered with Mutual of Omaha to deliver the same wild adventures to the 7-to-15 year-olds of today.

We built a native iOS application that used augmented reality to create the next generation of Wild Kingdom’s adventures.

My Wild Kingdom challenged kids to explore their world while our technology injected a little bit of wild to it. The software used a device’s camera as the window into this new world. While a child explored, they were able interact with pre-rendered animal animations added to any scene.

Was that lion roaring in the back yard? Yep. Is that a on hippo on the high chair? Sure is.

While on adventures, kids would encounter animal fasts and educational elements about our beautiful planet. kids captured photos and videos of the animals to tell the story of their adventure. The app let kids edit their images with filters or post card graphic overlays. The more adventures kids went on, the more badges they earned on their quest to Master Explorer.

The skeuomorphic visual design reinforced the nostalgia of the classic show while crafting a tactile experience for younger target. The sound design deepened the experience with rich, unexpected animal sounds. And, Jim Fowler, one of the original Wild Kingdom hosts, even did voiceovers.

Opening animation with brand design and key art | Augmented reality animal selection | Image and video filtering.

The design and functionality won a number of awards including a nod from FWA.

With thousands of downloads, the app served as the keystone of the Wild Kingdom 50th anniversary celebration. It was a beautiful, functional solution that gave kids of today the experience of braving the wild to capture exciting stories. Just like Wild Kingdom did on that day in 1963.

Agency: Phenomblue

Client: Mutual Of Omaha

Project: 50th Anniversary of Wild Kingdom. My Wild Kingdom

Assets: Augmented Reality Native iOS Application

Role: creative direction; art direction; interface design

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