Target Heart Rate Training with Lilt.

Agency: Phenomblue Innovation

There is a distinct difference between “working out” and “training.” Working is perpetual. Training on the other hand has a singular objective — a goal. The goal could be anything from a summit to a target time to a coveted ski line. Each workout, in theory, is a step along a progression toward the goal.

Through informal interviews and training insight, our team found recreational running, in particular, lacked a purpose. In addition, we knew nothing was more common than listening to a favorite playlist while going for a run. We paired these insights to build a piece of software that used a runner’s favorite music to help them train more effectively.

We built Lilt.

Our team narrowed focus on a metric that could be a guidepost for each and every session: target heart rate. Every workout from a quick jog to hill intervals has target heart rate zones for maximum training efficiency. Lilt used a runner’s music to deliver constant auditory feedback to gently guide runners into that target heart rate zone. If a runner was within their target heart rate zone, their music sounded perfectly normal. Lilt adjusted the playback if, and only if, they were above or below their target.

A runner’s heart rate was monitored by pairing a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to their mobile device. As a runner started his or her run, their playlist started with them. They were prompted to select a target heart rate zone based on the objective of a specific training session. With these inputs, the software gently adjusts the playback of their playlist until a runner settles into the target heart rate zone for their work out. The result is a persuasive software platform that enables a thoughtful training session.

The z-space interface was designed such that the most pertinent information was available to the runner. And usable when running.

As a user selects a target heart rate zone, the global color gently fades based on intensity of heart rate.

The interface was also designed to be state dependent. Based on the action of a user, dominant interface controls change.

Get in your zone.

This software is patent pending and intellectual property of Dundee Venture Capital and Phenomeblue.

Agency: Phenomblue Innovation

Project: Lilt

Assets: Target heart rate training software.

Role: creative direction; product design; interface design

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