An Organic Manifesto

By Andrew Hunter (Owner of Jager Fitness, LLC)

We are adapted to move. We have muscles, tendons, ligaments (we all do) and as we use them, they in turn change. If we do enough sets, they grow and if we run, jump and climb they become better interconnected. We have all the parts to be a race car but we instead hamper that because our minds are elsewhere.

Our life should be very simple. In an ideal world we would wake up, eat if we were hungry, hunt/scavenge, work, play, eat again and then sleep. Now this isn’t in specific order but my punchline is if we weren’t distracted by everything that is around us, we could be healthy without really trying. Food sources that are grown outside of your home or hunted/caught nearby would be the best nutrition you could get and just the acts of harvesting and taking care of crops could literally be great exercise for a day. But our lives are not that way.

With the help of technology we have become more and more sedentary while eating foods that are quicker to eat because they require no prep time. This in turn has reaped havoc on our bodies and has some of us struggling to lose weight or dealing with debilitating pain. This leaves us in a rough spot because although we go to the gym and although we’re cutting calories, our results are meager if at all and we are miserable on our diets. Life shouldn’t be this way.

Start today by putting down your smart phone rather than scrolling through Facebook for the 5th time in an hour. Find a nearby park or your own neighborhood and go for a walk. Let this be separate from the gym or your regimented training routine. This is about your physical and just as important, your mental health. If we mean to make long lasting physical change, we can’t throw out all of the food in the house at once. We have bills. But if on the next trip, we make slightly better decisions, we have done something to be better. If we take walks rather than watching television for five hours, and cut that time down to two hours, we have done something to be better.

My stance isn’t to be a harbinger of doom but rather a reminder of what makes our bodies happy. Get moving, eat natural and breathe the outside air.



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