Publishing Your Heart

by Andrew J. Hunter

Sometimes when I write I get this feeling that it’ll be too much. I’ve shared too much. It’s as if I’ve said things that will hurt or bother people I know and I want to take it back. I self-fulfill this prophecy then by seeing those people or talking with them and searching/confirming each and every nuance that speaks to my fears of offending them.

I once read that it is those things that you must write about: the ones that make you want to hold back. Its those pieces that are real and vulnerable and give people something of substance to read. We connect because we trust and we trust because of honesty; sincerity. I’m aware some of my words can be a bit much for those close to me but holding those punches would ruin the entire writing process for me because I write based off of a feeling to each and every word.

This is my process. This is what makes me who I am.

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