Analogies When Teaching Golf

When I am giving a lesson I really like to find a good analogy for whom ever I am teaching. Something that may make the task at hand simpler, it may help them with some perspective on the work required or hopefully it is something that helps them see some value in what we are doing.

I have two analogies that I find myself using quite a lot when teaching.

This first one I got from a friend of mine and instantly I liked. And so, whether you are just starting out or you are already an advanced player, this one applies as its about getting your fundamentals right. It’s the best analogy I’ve heard for poor fundamentals vs good fundamentals, and it goes something like this.

Having poor fundamentals in your golf swing is comparable to living in a tent. When the weather is nice outside, warm and sunny, living in a tent is just like those days when your swing feels great. Rhythm and timing working together as one, and everything falls into place.

But when the weather turns bad, windy and raining, living in a tent is no fun and it won’t protect you from the elements very well. Comparable to those days when your swing doesn’t feel quite right, your rhythm is off, you are maybe playing under some added pressure or you just got out of the wrong side of the bed. Poor fundamentals will only make things worse and the game harder.

A golf game built on great fundamentals is like building a house with strong foundations, it will help you more on your bad days. So when the weather outside is bad we will be much more protected in a house then in a tent.

Good golf swings are a lot like houses, they all look different but the good ones are built with very similar and very strong foundations.

The second analogy I really like refers more to the process of change, I use it in the hope that it helps to get a player to appreciate the time and effort required to change and master something in their golf swing.

It goes something like this.

So you could play a song on the piano really well, a simple song. But you play it using only your two index fingers, you own that song though. Then one day you wanted to learn how to play more advanced songs on the piano, songs that required you use more then those two fingers. But for so long you’ve only used those two fingers.

So, you would have to start to learn to play with all your fingers, and that would be quite difficult. You would most definitely have to take a step back, or two. Learning some very basic songs, even more basic then the song you were so good at.

In the early stages you would have to go slowly, as playing at a higher speed would see you refer back to your old ways, with just those two fingers. But in time, if you were determined enough, you would get there and reap the rewards of your hard work. Playing those advanced songs.

This simply enough is very similar to that of any golfer who has a goal of playing golf at a higher level.

I love a good analogy, they are like a good story, I thnk most people appreciate hearing them and I am no different. And so, I believe if the analogy is good enough it can really help a person create a better picture in their mind of what they are doing or need to do.