Smartphone Camera Focal Length Reference for Computer Vision and AR applications

For developers working in the field of computer vision, augmented reality, and to a lesser extent 6DOF tracking for VR, it’s really important to understand the camera properties of the devices that they will be running on.

While there are many important aspects of these cameras, focal length is arguably the most important because even small differences in focal length effect how you interpret depth. This is especially important for recovering scale from the camera.

I wanted to create a 35mm equivalent reference for the top used phones in the US, because they are easiest to work with.

I figured I’d share to others could benefit. These are sourced from around the web, so please let me know if you have any updates.


Original iPhone (2G): 37 mm

iPhone 3G: 37 mm

iPhone 3GS: 37 mm

iPhone 4 (rear-facing main camera): 30 mm

iPhone 4s: 35 mm

iPhone 5: 33 mm

iPhone 5s: 29 mm

iPhone 5C: 33 mm

iPhone 6: 29 mm

iPhone 6S: 29 mm

iPhone 6+: 29 mm

iPhone 6S+: 29 mm

iPhone 7: 28 mm

iPhone 7+: 28 mm


Samsung Galaxy S7: 26.6 mm

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 26 mm

Samsung Galaxy S6: 27 mm

Samsung Galaxy S5: 31 mm

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 31 mm

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: 28 mm

Google Pixel: 28 mm

Motorola Nexus 6: 28 mm

HTC One (M8): 27 mm

HTC One: 28 mm

Shout out to for about half of the numbers.