Here we go…

I’m on a new journey and entering un-chartered waters. I help run a small construction company in my work-life, but for many years I’ve been an advocate, board member, commissioner and overall volunteer-extraordinaire with agencies working on the front lines of helping people who are experiencing chronic homelessness.

I’ve had lots of mentors in this work, but Mollie Lowery especially had a huge impact on my life and commitment to wanting to do more to help people in most need. Last count, almost 60,000 people in Los Angeles County. We lost Mollie to cancer in 2016. My dear friends Mary Kirchen, Celina Alvarez and Neil Navin continue this amazing work in Mollie’s name and spirit.

I worked closely with Mollie, Mary and Celina for many years at an amazing agency called Housing Works. I just resigned as Vice President of Housing Works, as well as my position as a commissioner in the City of Long Beach working on homeless issues, so I can serve on the newly created Measure H Citizen Oversight Advisory Board for the County of Los Angeles.

Most days, I feel like my head is going to explode with the enormity of the challenge we face and the scope of what needs to be done to have an impact on the problem. I’d like to use this space to organize my thoughts, share readings and resources, group-think and to use this as a tool in my work as a public servant on the Measure H Board.

Shelter and health are basic human rights. We can no longer stand in acceptance of the status quo when people around us suffer. We finally have a significant amount of resources to address our decades-long failure to prevent and end homelessness. Let’s do this.