I think there may be 2 sides to this.
Miko Matsumura

Miko Matsumura. Thinking about this a bit today… after having dinner w swardley last night, it seems that a map may be the first step in figuring out the fight against Bannon and his ilk.

He’s given us the tools, his own quotes, about Leninism, destroying America, and Satan to turn the feeble minds that elected trump against at least Bannon with a tough, organized, well funded campaign against him first.

Out him as a nihilist, a destroyer, a Leninist, and why not a satanist for good measure now in control of the whitehouse. He’s Trump's Grima/Wormtounge easily unmasked as such by creative, smart, hard hitting folks like yourself yeah?

Let’s go after him as he’s the Achilles heel of every republican politician in this country just one of many levers to be used that against him and vis a vis them.

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