My first week at Launch Academy

“Don’t try to win launch academy”. The words surprised me. My first day in an intensive course, and I was expecting encouragement to try my hardest. I knew that I would get in what I put out, I should not to be afraid to ask questions. But I normally expect competition; to be the best. I’m used to trying to be the best. I’m unfamiliar with not trying for first.

So now that I’ve finished my first week, I’ve gotten a better sense of what Launch Academy is about. There’s no teachers looking for trouble, or doors being locked at 5. Blocky, wooden furniture and CRT’s are replaced with couches and brilliant flatscreens. Help is available, but only after you’ve made an attempt yourself. While assignments are required and effort optional in college, it is the effort that is mandatory here.

So where am I left? Many of the assignments were challenging (and many were easy), but they were all doable, and have helped familiarize me with ruby. I feel confident both in areas I excelled in the past (algorithms), and areas where I needed improvement (file I/O), and I’m looking forward to another week of problems to solve.

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