The Light!!

They say God will put his strongest soliders through the hardest test. Sometimes we get so consumed by our situation and what’s not going well in our life’s that we forget the little signs and messages that God has bin sending us, we all have and battle with our demons on a daily basis to the point where we feel there is no light out of this dark place we find ourselves in. I used to have these type of thoughts in my head and felt that I was always going to be stuck in my situation or my dark place. But when u sit back and analyse your situation and environment u start to realise that your situation is not that bad and u could be worse of. God will always send u a sign or a message which I believe is the light at the end of the tunnel but cause we are so consumed with our situation we often find that we miss the message or the light when it’s right in front of us. I strongly believe that the birth of your first born is one of the signs that God can send u. When my daughter was born my life started to make sense she was the reason I had bin going through all these trials and tribulations for the last two decades and it was to make me a stronger and wiser person in order to make me a better parent. People see me and my daughter and think you two have a close relationship and that you can see we have a strong bond, well that is due to my past situation with my parents what I considered a dark place with my parents it was really a test and a life lesson to make me a better man and better father. So when you are going through your madness just take a step back and just know the reason for all this heartache and struggle is because you have something much better and beautiful coming for you, we all have a light in our life’s it’s up to us to take time and realise that there is more light than darkness what is your light???