Four common reasons that make people hesitant for a workers’ compensation lawyer

Andrew Laderson
Mar 31, 2017 · 3 min read

Workers’ Compensation Act is one part that many are curious and want to know about. The major issue is even though there are many who want to know their rights under the act, most don’t want to opt for an attorney. There are various reasons that people cite for not hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland, but are they all justified! This is the question that is mostly left unanswered and people don’t really put forth their thoughts to it. There are several factors that you are probably just overlooking in order to not take up with an attorney. However, here we will try to explain why an attorney is needed to sort out your workers’ compensation act issues and get over certain fears.

Here are some common fears that come to mind when many think of hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland.

1. Job Security: If you are injured on the job, there is not much your employer can do about it now. The whole idea of workers’ compensation insurance is to avoid exorbitant lawsuits. If you are fired in the injured state, there is a high chance your employer would be caught up in a lawsuit. This is the reason, you should not be worrying about while opting for workers’ compensation lawyers in Maryland. Moreover, if your employer knows that you are getting sound legal advice, he would be more careful. The compensation act is just to make the workplace a safer place.

2. Medical Bills: Medical bills tend to be high these days and there isn’t much that can be done about it. When you are injured on the job and you need to fix yourself at the hospital, you would have to take leave from work. Many get worried about the receiving of medical bills. If you want the deal to come to a closure and the settlement of all the bills you are entitled to, you should go for a workers’ compensation attorney in Maryland. Generally, workers get paid the medical bills after resuming work and that is not a very fair way to look at the problem. This is where your attorney would come in play to give you what you deserve.

3. Suing: There are many who say that they don’t want to sue their employer. It is important to be noted that you can’t sue your employer unless he has harmed you intentionally. If there is no hurtful intent lying behind your injury, there is no way you would be suing your employer. The only person answerable would be the insurance company. If you have an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland, you would get the best benefits with minimum hassle.

4. Nice Adjuster: Many workers are gullible enough to believe whatever the insurance adjuster says. The fact, actually, is opposite to what most believe. The job of an insurance adjuster is to settle the matter at the lowest cost. This is the reason most adjusters would make you feel comfortable to get you on their side. If you want to know the truth and escape this gullible trap, you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland.

These are some reasons why many hesitate to take up their case of on-job injury to an attorney. These are the reasons apart from the obvious cost problems. There is a miscommunication when people say that workers’ compensation lawyer in Maryland would be a costly affair. The fact, however, is the opposite with compensation attorneys being one of the most cost-efficient lawyers. So, if you are injured on-the-job in any way, feel free to find a suitable attorney and take the case to him. He would guide you through and help you know your rights too.