Andrew Lamberto — Why Employee Performance Reviews Work

Andrew Lamberto was the Director of Human Resources for San Bernardino County since 2005. Before that, he worked for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department doing similar work. He taught Public Administration as an adjunct professor for years before for several colleges and universities in California as well. Lamberto, over the course of his long career, has found that employee performance reviews work well to motivate employees and to show them how they can improve their work. He finds that this system works because it shows employees how to move up in the organization and create more opportunities for themselves.

No one likes the words “employee performance review,” because they know they are going to be judged on their work performance. No matter how well many employees perform, many always experience the worry that they are not doing enough or that they have somehow disappointed or let down their superiors or co-workers. Andrew Lamberto strived throughout his career to find ways to lessen the anxiety that many county employees experience heading into their performance reviews by making them always an opportunity to hear how they improve their position within the organization. Many employees then take these reviews seriously as guides to help their professional development.

Andrew Lamberto found new ways to impart critical information to his employees on how to improve their work to get promotions. He also worked hard to show all employees the positive aspects of their work and what they are doing well in all employee reviews.