My First Ever Blog Post, Ever — So, you’re here to read my blog?

Hey, I’m Andrew.

Maybe you know me, maybe we knew each other a long time ago and have lost touch, maybe you have no idea who’s blog you just stumbled into. Don’t worry, doesn’t matter.

This is going to be the first blog post I’ve ever published, I think (still writing), and I’d like to use it to introduce myself.

While you’re reading this I can’t possibly know who you are. Unless you comment or something, or like it… but other than that you’re completely unknown to me if you’d like to be. And it gives me a bit of a weird feeling to not know for the first time who I’m talking to. So if my blogging style seems a bit unusual or t00 real for you, you can blame it on the newness of this, or you can attribute it to my originality or something complimentary like that.

Or just comment below on my terrible writing, I always welcome honesty! Just remember you could potentially be witnessing history. And that I’ll come back here and remember who you are when I’m famous.

So anyways about me, if you’re from Brampton you might have seen me; I’m that guy with the red hair. No other description necessary.

You’ve also probably noticed that I’m constantly involved in a tangent. And don’t know how to properly space paragraphs.

It’s true, I really don’t.

Right now I’m a student at the University of Waterloo studying legal studies and business, although in practicality my interests are across the map (I’ve switched majors twice already, you’ll never guess what I used to be in). I’m also in co-op, which is pretty cool, I’ve had the opportunity to work at a few interesting places and have met a lot of great people. In fact for the next two months I’ll be in Toronto working at DNAstack for my third co-op, which is great because if you’ve ever spent a lot of time in Waterloo you’ll also know how great it is to come back to civilization every once and a while.

If you’ve actually read to this point #1 respect, you’re probably the only one, #2 you’re probably starting to wonder what this post is even about. Lucky you, I want to give you the answer.

This is my start.

While I have accounts on most social media and use them pretty regularly, I don’t post much of my own original content. I want to start creating and producing my own content and putting my own opinions and truths out into the world, especially because I hope to start my own company in the near future and would like to be able to create useful dialogue about the things that I’m passionate about with the people I’m connecting with.

And so, not knowing where to start or how to start or what to focus on, this is my start. This is the article I will look back to in 10 years as that post I used to start a new personal era in my life, something that represents the beginning of a new path in my life.

While I hope to start putting out content and dialogue in other places on the internet, whether it be youtube or linkedin or my website (yet to come), I’m going to use this medium blog for my random thoughts and opinions on anything and everything that sparks my interest.

Thanks for reading.