Jr UX/UI Meetup created for the Portland community

Im not gonna lie, I feel completely unprepared. I have no idea how to organize a successful Meetup or how to best address a community of talented UX/UI hopefuls. However, when I began discussing my frustrations with fellow UXers in the Portland community regarding a lack of career options or community for junior roles, the overwhelming response was, “Well, why dont you start one?”.

Dont get me wrong, there are dozens of excellent Portland based UX/UI Meetups absolutely packed with members, guest speakers and events for anyone wanting to learn about user experience and everything under that umbrella.

So why did I make a new one? It turns out, there are a LOT of graduating students or career changers like myself who realize that the world needs us. Designers, coders, researchers and everything in between. Individuals who are great at what they do, but cannot seem to break into the industry and just need a chance to prove that they have the drive and the talent. (They may also realize your multi-million dollar company has great artists and coders, but they forgot to check with their clients when building their app).

The world needs us. It needs new insight and it needs to fill the gaps between the designer, the programmer and the client. When we build something that incorporates user feedback and research, we build something that flows seamlessly and is fun to use. What a novel idea!

If your in the Portland Oregon area and you’d like to join our community of aspiring collaborators, innovators and UX enthusiasts, check out the group and join in the excitement!


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