What are the best 9 mountaineering Movies of 2010 and 2012 only?

There are so many best mountaineering movies and suddenly I wondered that in just two years, about nine movies were shown on the big screen. The movie was rated right and high up and there were chilling mountain films about some failed attempt at something. These are just some of the scenes that made the viewers want it over and over again. Here are some of those movies…

1.127 Hours, 2010

The movie is a biographical survival and British-American drama movie directed, produced and co-written by Danny Boyle. While under exploration in the remote canyon in Utah last April 2003, the adventurer and mountaineer Aron Ralston played by James Franco was trapped when the boulder falls over his arm. Although out the next five consecutive days, Ralston examined his existence there and considers his alternative, holding him to a distressful choice — to remove his limb so that he may extricate himself and attempts to prepare his way back to the society or be pinned at all at the wall canyon and be likely to die.

2.180° South, 2010

The movie follows the adventurer Jeff Johnson when he goes back over the epic 1968 trip of his conquerors Doug Tompkins and Yvon Chouinard to Patagonia.

3. Nanga Parbat, 2010

The movie is a German motion mountaineering film about the two brothers, Günther and Reinhold Messner, who goes up at the Nanga Parbat and had this very tragic expedition in 1970, wherein the younger of them too, has died.

4. Ride the Divide, 2010

The movie is about a little group of courageous mountain bikers who tries to race the greatest mountain bike route, traversing about 2700 miles in the world and down the Rocky Mountains of Banff, to its Mexican border from Canada.

5. The Wildest Dream, 2010

The film features a documentary movie regarding the British hiker George Mallory, who just vanished in 1924 on the Mountain of Everest with his hiking buddy Andrew Irvine. The movie interweaves two tales, one regarding the climber Conrad Anker that discovered the body of Mallory lying in the Everest in 1999. He returned to Everest to study Mallory’s loss and the other, the biography of Mallory that narrates through letters that was read by Natasha Richardson and Ralph Fiennes, and the original movie footage was from 1920s with the archival photos. The movie was the last for Natasha Richardson where she recorded her voice as Ruth Mallory before her death.

6. K2: Siren of the Himalayas, 2012

The film is a documentary movie by director Dave Ohlson. The movie follows the crowd of hikers during their attempt in 2009 to climb K2, recording the climbers’ efforts to surmount the mountain on the centennial celebration of Duke of Abruzzi’s mark K2 journey in 1909.

7. Pura vida — The Ridge, 2012

The story of the movie is about an exclusive rescue procedure in the most risky hill of the Himalayas. It is a movie that talks about action and friendship, love of life, truth and passion which supports living life to the fullest.

8. Summits of My Life: A Fine Line, 2012

This A Fine Line movie brings us on a spectacular trip over the magnificent snow cover up the summit of the Alps when they join the small group of amazing mountain participant in their chase of fulfillment and happiness.

9. The Summit, 2012

This is a documentary movie regarding the 2008 K2 tragedy by director Nick Ryan. It unites documentary footage with embellish recreations of the proceedings of the K2 tragedy, during which from and on their way to the summit, the eleven climbers passed away in a short span of time, making one of the horrible catastrophes in the history of hiking.

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