Celebrity Social Media

Isaiah Thomas (point guard for the Boston Celtics)

How many people does he follow and how many followers does he have?

  • IT follows 2,391 people and has 410.7k followers on Twitter. On Instagram he follows 175 people and has 715k followers.

What does he use social media for?

  • He uses social media a lot to interact with fans. IT tweets a lot about his new endorsement with Nike and also about his new shoes he puts out. Before every game he is on twitter tweeting “#Gameday lgi”. It also tweets a lot of song lyrics. On Instagram he posts pictures of his teammates, friends and family.

Is he famous for his social media use?

  • I wouldn’t say Isaiah Thomas is famous for his social media use, he got his fame from playing basketball and his social media is just a way for fans to interact with him and get to know him more.

How does he interact with his fans?

  • Fans will tweet him when they buy one of his products and he will thank them or he will have question and answer sessions when he is on the road or in a plane to pass time. I see him tweet fans everyday.

Does he tweet himself or does someone else do it?

  • For the most part you can tell he does all of his tweeting and posts his own Instagram pictures. He does advertise for Nike a lot so I doubt those are his own words.
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