At Pesto, we are on a mission to expand access to opportunity to everyone. We are upskilling India’s top software engineering talent and getting them full-time remote jobs at the world’s best tech companies.

Today we are launching our partners portal. It bridges the gap between our alumni living in Delhi, India and our world-class hiring partners across the globe.

This is the first step to building high-caliber distributed engineering teams at the click of a button.

Here is how it works:

  • When each batch graduates, we notify our hiring partners via email.
  • Partners browse all our graduates’ resumes as well as code samples from their open source apprenticeships. …

At Pesto we preach “Programming Deliberately”, meaning engineers should understand every line of code that they write.

It’s not sufficient to write code that works. A good engineer should be able to explain in detail why it works.

To develop a better understanding of why things work, it’s useful to learn about programming concepts at least one level of abstraction deeper than you typically work with. If you use ExpressJS, you might want to consider learning how to implement body-parser. If you use Heroku, you should probably know how to set up a blank Ubuntu Digital Ocean droplet.

One way to really dive deep into a topic is to read academic research papers. Research papers by definition can’t leave any detail out. As part of their homework, every Pesto student needs to read an academic research paper from and write a Medium post about at least five things that they learned from that paper. Since it’s only fair that I assign homework that I’d be willing to do myself, I’ve done this assignment as well. Here is what I learned. …

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We are thrilled to announce a new initiative at Pesto, the Pay It Forward Fellowship! The Pay It Forward Fellowship is a chance for female students to be paired up with a sponsor to cover moderate living expenses while participating in our career accelerator program.


At Pesto, our mission is to give everyone equal access to opportunity regardless of where they were born. We are using remote work and education to make this possible.

Our program is free up front, students pay a fixed percentage of their salary after graduation to cover the costs. …


Andrew Linfoot

Co-Founder @pestotech | Using education and remote work to give everyone equal access to opportunity, regardless of where they were born.

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