• Nikhil Arora

    Nikhil Arora

    Getting into the crypto space.

  • Eric Middleton Lyman

    Eric Middleton Lyman

  • Akshay Jain

    Akshay Jain

    I love learning

  • Maulik


    Masters Student at Purdue. Interested in Construction, Fintech and Finance. Strong penchant about Stock Market and Building Financial Models.

  • Vipul Basapati

    Vipul Basapati

    Tech Enthusiast, learner by birth. Workout with @laravel and @react and @node

  • mahmoud shalsh

    mahmoud shalsh

  • Amit Prakash Gupta

    Amit Prakash Gupta

    CTO // Canopy.cloud

  • Sam


    https://www.kinalta.com : Use our Kinalta software to be more productive. Learn Agile and Productivity with our articles, books https://www.sam9000.com

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