SoundMagic HP100 Headphone Review

For my birthday last year I bought the HP100 Headphones from a company in Hong Kong, SoundMagic. They were fairly expensive for a medium-priced range over-ear headphones coming in just below $200. The sound quality is very good, but best for certain styles of music. My roommate and I did a comparison between his $50 pair, our housemate’s $600 headphones and the HP100 and we both agreed that the HP100 sounded best for pop, rock and hip hop with a heavy driving sound. With any music meant to be listened to loud but that still has a wide dynamic range, I’d highly recommend these headphones. for classical music, however, they were not as good as the $600 pair. They are also pretty comfortable. The headband around the top is cozy and the earpads are soft, though my ears do tend to get hot when wearing them, a problem I never have with other headphones. The design is kind of strange. The phones have a weird reflective disco-ball look. The reflective surface does scratch, so be careful.

They don’t have the same clarity as more expensive headphones, but if you are looking for high-quality sound that won’t be too hard on your bank account, the HP100 are for you.

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