Draft: Renewable energy

Fossil fuels have been engraved into our culture, making humans look passed all of the harmful effects carbon emissions carries onto our planet. We’ve been ignoring all of the negative affects, like global warming, for far too long. It is time we convert our old school habits to new and improved ones.

Our job is to keep up with our developing technology. In doing so, by expanding our means of obtaining energy. Nuclear power plants provide us with eco-friendly energy, as they do not emit fossil fuels. The goal in the 21st century is to leave a smaller carbon footprint; which is what a power plant is will comply. If more nuclear power plants were up running, taxation on carbon emissions would decline. Our planet cannot continue suffocating under these poisonous conditions. Nuclear power plants do not emit fossil fuels, allowing a smaller carbon footprint to be left behind. In a nuclear power plant, energy is extracted from an atom.

There is some controversy behind the idea of nuclear power, due to the amount of radiation, and radioactive waste being produced in the process. After the disaster of Fukushima, many believed radiation was the cause of many deaths. But spring 2015, a group of scientists went back to Tokyo to check out the site. They discovered no one had been killed or even became ill from radiation poisoning. The mass amounts of casualties occurred form the evacuation caused from the power plant malfunction. The radiation admitted into the surrounding area was believed to be harmful. Dr. Doss, a scientist, believes “below a certain threshold, they argue, los doses are harmless and possibly even beneficial — a long debated phenomenon called hormesis”.

The need for alternate energy sources have been apparent for a decade. According to a New York Times article by Peter Thiel, in the early 2000’s, California had the money to invest in clean energy. Unfortunately, we did not have the technology to fulfill our ideas. The California Solar Panel Company, Solyndra, went bankrupt after hundreds of millions of dollars were invested in the foundation. This was a major set back for the solar industry, as they inevitably went bankrupt. Now in days with the taxation on carbon, the need for nuclear power is at high demand. Our only problem is the cost. We have the technology to make nuclear power plants, however the money is nowhere to be found.

Renewable energy can improve the United States in several ways, including the improvement of the economy. The nuclear power industry will open many opportunities for work in California, which will help unemployment rates. Many American companies may feel the need to stray away from renewable energy, leading back to the idea of fossil fuels being engraved into our culture. Major companies are not willing to renovate their energy sources to clean energy due to the big investment in which is needed. If we all contribute and do our part, we will be able to save our world.

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