Questioning the existence of Global warming; Should we invest in renewables?

The topic of Global Warming has presented two contrasting viewpoints among Americans generated by the public. Many, like Bill Gates, express popular belief addressing concerns with fossil fuels, and he suggestively states the problematic impact they have on our planet. On the other hand, others, like Donald Trump, share the popular opinion which question the existence of global warming all together.

People all around the world have the opinion that climate change should be seen as serious. Some of the most influential people alive, like Bill Gates, are speaking negatively in terms of climate change, and goes as far to invest in alternate Clean-Energy; renewable energy. Senator Lisa Murkowski follows alongside Bill Gates with a statement of, “If we’re going to make energy more affordable and reliable while solving the problems created by climate change, we need innovative new approaches.” The option to invest in renewable energy is becoming more popular- as the effects of global warming start to unwrap. Gates claims, “Energy is actually one area where we have historically invested too little, so it is fantastic to see leaders changing course.” February, 2016, President Obama announces the most “ambitious climate agreement,” which states the double in Clean Energy Funding to Address Climate Change. With this being said, they claim to be advancing latest Clean-Energy technologies. By investing in Clean-Energy, they believe it will help reduce the effects of climate change, and offer a safer, healthier environment. People who are in favor of renewable energy propose an opinions that climate change is destroying natural habitats, as well as agriculture production, inevitably harming not only the human race, but all of mother Earth’s inhabitants. The investment in eco-friendly energy is also said to bring thousands of jobs, which will help unemployment rates in the U.S.

On the contrast, Donald Trump has a very different outlook on climate change and the effects fossil fuels have on our planet. Trump, and many other Americans, believes climate change is a hoax, and that we as a country, are not drilling fast enough for oil. Instead of investing in Clean-Energy, Trump has invested $250,000 in the hopes to build the Canadian Keystone XL Pipeline, which will expand the production and collection of oil. According to Friends of the Earth, “it would carry 830,000 barrels of dirty tar sands oil into the U.S. daily..” After the construction of this pipeline, there will be 5.6 million cars added to roads in the Unites States. With this being said, these actions completely oppose the other opinions; as in Bill Gates.