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Current Git Commit within your Android App

When builds of your Android app are shared with many different developers, or you have multiple app testers, it can be useful to know exactly which build the developer has on their device.

You could achieve this by passing a build number from your CI tool, such as Jenkins or Travis, to display in your app or include as part of the version name. However, I also like to include the current Git branch and Git commit in the app, displaying it within a developer options page that is included in debug builds of the app.

This can be achieved through the use of two Gradle functions.

The core of the function is using the Git command rev-parse, with the argument — abbrev-ref against HEAD to get the branch name of the current commit. If the git command is not available or any errors occur during execution then the function will just return “Unknown branch”.

This function is fairly similar to getCurrentGitBranch, except that it is passing the argument — short to rev-parse, to retrieve the hash of the current commit. Similar to getCurrentGitBranch, if the git command is not available or any errors occur the function will just return “Unknown commit”.

The functions themselves can be used in any Gradle application. To make use of the information within an Android app project, you can pass it to your Java code via fields in the BuildConfig class. The config below, when included in your app build.gradle file, will allow you to access the current Git branch with BuildConfig.GIT_CURRENT_BRANCH and the current git commit with BuildConfig.GIT_CURRENT_COMMIT.

defaultConfig {

buildConfigField "String", "GIT_CURRENT_BRANCH", "\"${getCurrentGitBranch()}\""
buildConfigField "String", "GIT_CURRENT_COMMIT", "\"${getCurrentGitCommitHash()}\""


There are many different ways to use and display this information in your Android apps. Currently, I generally just display it in an options page, behind an if (BuildConfig.DEBUG) check, to that the information can be accessed in all debug builds. I will leave it to you how you wish to use the information. Happy coding!

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