26 out of 30 in a series called Overcoming Sexual Repression.

Astoundingly, I did not even see it coming.

Somewhere in between nocturnal emission and naughty milk jug shenanigans, someone was offended by the 24th entry of this series, and reported it on Facebook.

Ya know what?

I am sorry to whoever was offended.

Do I take my security in expressing myself freely too far?

According to someone, I do.

And everyone matters. I see everyone’s perceptions as valid.

I see my perception as valid. And I see your perception as valid, even if it contradicts mine.

How is that possible?

Because perception is not the same as truth.

And validity is not the same thing as truth.

People tend to see their perceptions as truth.

But perception is subjective.

Perception is your way of relating to and understanding the world around you and the people in it.

Perception changes over time, if you let it. It opens up to new horizons when you learn more, expose yourself to new information and experiences.

If perception changes, it must not be the truth. But it’s still valid.

Here is the truth:

I am not writing these posts on sexuality with the explicit intention to offend people.

Although I am aware that the subject matter is controversial, it did not enter my mind that I was producing content that would provoke someone to censor me.

I will continue this series to completion (hehe), proceeding to provide disclaimers before potentially offensive content.

My request to you is that you make a choice not to consume content which you may find offensive, and respect those who are enjoying the series.

Closing your eyes doesn’t make the world go away.

Shutting out another person’s voice is your choice to make.

Continuing to speak anyway, is mine.

We all make choices based on what we believe in.

I believe in a better, freer world than the one we know.

Every conscious choice I make is aligned with co-creating that world with each and every one of you.

Let’s make a future in which no one has to be offended anymore.

A future of transcendence, liberation, and lots and lots of good old fashioned lovemaking.

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.