A Lifetime of Poetry Compiled (Coming Soon)

My next book will be a compilation of every poem I’ve ever written since about 1995. Well, every poem that I still have archived in my files, notebooks, or brain (plenty of my poetical musings have been burned to cinder, lost, or forgotten during this oft-times chaotic journey and experiment of life).

RECONCILED: POETRY FROM ABOVE & BELOW should be all set for an early October release on Amazon.

Here’s a preview called Milk & Honey:

my pen aches for every urge
 it shuttles through space
 signing the asteroids it finds
 in exchange for their secrets
 focus beyond capacity
 savoring the fruit’s juice
 vision sleeps
 as the visionary awakens
 a profound epiphany
 deals a blow
 to the validation of reality
 it is an epic trial
 to retain the light
 passion dissipates
 but continues on
 in the form
 of a less honorable obsession

do you understand?
 milk and honey
 can you comprehend?
 the promised land

mildly moist bristles
 on my palms
 eradicating normalcy
 forcing expression
 against the current
 hope in a rocket ship
 that could fly me home
 shaking hands with aliens
 unfamiliar yet they claim they’re my friend
 i attempt to recognize the situation
 is this shit for real
 or is this whole day all in my head?

so i leap from the balcony
 of my intimate embassy
 i visualize my majestic wings
 and i fly through the vapor
 creating a new gateway
 to my little world
 you could pass through the portal
 and forget being mortal
 you are infinite within my heart
 eternal within my mind
 this clock’s hands defy time
 compressing wantless servitude
 your future is mine

paper thin dimension
 depending on slime and foam’s democracy
 animosity in an undying blend
 with regret and sorrow and endless sin
 the budding rose relates
 to the thorn’s mandate
 mutual agreement
 for a painful secret

is every day all in my head?

lasers at the end of the street
 break a bone with a bold move
 all these insects underneath my feet
 fabric of space, every atom unfolds
 the liar says,
 “why don’t you do what you’re told?”
 rippling through my meticulous maze
 water burns fire, the scholar amazed
 and an old, cold feline watches cars go by
 unwitting passerby — karma parade
 one single dragonfly
 but the army of giants — afraid
 rivalry eternal
 piercing grenades
 bewildering observer
 do not interfere
 your will is ridiculous
 i wish you weren’t here
 but since the leaves set me free
 since purity climbed your tree
 i will turn to the cracked mirror
 and see the reflection
 of the rotten gem that beckons
 plastic face
 artificial days
 out of the ground will rise your waste
 power waves
 glowing graves
 the prying mold just dies away
 crystal fog
 hazy clear
 mammals in love
 perfect fear
 splashed with paint across the lips of haste
 mission override within oblivion
 destroy the canvas
 begin anew

i need a new lambaster
 this is my new disaster
 and everything remains
 exactly as it should be.

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.