America is a Concept (Human Beings are Real)

There’s one thing the world is going to have to get abundantly clear before it can pull its head out of its unshowered anus.

Countries do not exist. They are made up concepts that were invented at a previous and outdated stage of human consciousness/evolution. For a long time, the masses didn’t really realize this, and the ones who did realize it didn’t speak up enough, because it was like talking to a wall.

War is a natural extension of ideologies of nations and borders. War is a mechanism built by fear, separation, and ego. For war to exist, first we must be delusional. Because it is delusional for one person to think of themselves as inherently different than anyone else on the planet. It is delusional to presume that where in the world we’re born makes us different or better or worse than anyone else. There is simply no objective basis for these concepts. They are 100% invented, which means they can be 100% reinvented to support a peaceful and harmonious world.

Soldiers have served a cultural paradigm that is quickly losing its relevancy. Am I thankful that they kept us alive up to this point? Absolutely. Is the only way to respect their sacrifice by conforming to arbitrary rituals that have no more objective significance than the rules in a game of Monopoly? No….

Life is not a game, but society is. Life happens, regardless of the form society takes. Well, unless we all blow each other up. But even then, some life would survive.

I call society a game, because we make up the rules. Whether we realize it or not, the human world is the way it is today because we’re playing by the rules that were scripted for us by people who often didn’t even know they were writing a script.

Society developed by the seat of its pants. People figuring it out as they went along. Dictating life for future generations based on their guesswork, whims, hedonistic impulses, and ethnocentric tirades.

Over the generations, knowledge developed. We tapped into new categories of experience in every realm of existence. We lived, we learned, our consciousness expanded. We evolved.

But as a majority, we’re still acting like we’re chained to ideas and practices that were obsolete long before our grandparents’ grandparents’ great grandparents were born.

It’s like the baby elephant, chained to a small tree. The elephant grows up and becomes much larger and stronger than the tree. She could yank the tree out of the ground, no problem. But Dumbo won’t even try anymore. Because the elephant tried a long time ago, when she was a baby. She remembers how futile it was. So now, she just lays there and accepts life-long imprisonment.

I’m telling you. The time is more than ripe. To yank that tree out of the ground. I love trees, so I’ll be sure to replant it, some place where it’s not the symbol of life-long servitude and ineptitude.

People are ready for this. You can feel it in the air. The tension, the pressure. At the rate we’re going, a violent revolution wouldn’t surprise me at all.

The only reason for a violent revolution would be because people cannot take it anymore, and don’t know what else to do with their rage.

But that’s just playing into the hand of our chains. Violence is non-sustainable for true and lasting change.

It’s time to change the rules. Together, in real-time. The time has come to spread the world, that we can be free and whole. Today. Right now. None of the misery, grime, and delusion in this world has any power over us anymore, if we decide to stand up, get real, get creative, innovate, transcend, and soar.

America may not be objectively real, but I still love this place. I love what it represents, and I love what we’ve accomplished.

But I also refuse to look away from the negativity that has sprung from nationalistic ideals. We’ve oppressed, subjugated, and conquered what’s real (human beings, resources, nature, non-human animals) while hypnotized by delusional notions that have shifted us out of alignment with the tranquility and harmony we could be experiencing instead.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

For myself and many others, it’s not this way. But for now I still have to share the world, which I see as a dance floor, a school, and an interconnected paradise, with those who see it as a battleground, a Colosseum, and a closed network of cesspools.

We can honor and build upon the greatness of America, but it will no longer serve us to do so without acknowledging our deep and real unity with every being on this planet.

Let me make it abundantly clear that no flag that will ever exist, is more worthy of respect, attention, and love, than the plight of human beings and all life-forms on Earth.

No anthem is more inspiring or sacred than the people it represents.

And any anthem that fails to represent everyone isn’t worth a fleeting hum on the breeze.

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.

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