Damaged Souls Alive

I am through lingering
 in the realm of the past
 All the time I’ve wasted away
 Hoping for life but living decay
 I was so convinced there was no other way
 Stagnant and broken day after day
 Desire is never enough
 as gears slowly crumble to rust
 Flesh festers on back to dust
 when I do not do what I must

Calling all crippled minds, get on your feet
 I am one of you, that much is true
 Let’s get off our asses, rise above the ashes
 You aren’t alone and I’m depending on you

I’ve spent too much time rotting in bed
 Layered in sweat and better off dead
 I’ve holed myself up, disregarded my friends
 Rejected my family, discarded amends
 And my glimmering hope that all this could change
 is just meaningless if I’m stuck in my ways

Open your eyes and look at mine
 We’ll build a fire as our souls collide
 We can hold the line for what we can’t define
 I think this is what it means to be alive

Calling all damaged souls, get on your feet
 I am one of you, I’m not ashamed to say
 Let’s rise above the ashes and show the masses
 that we’re not a waste of life
 I believe in you

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.