Delayed apology…

I am sorry
 for the words I didn’t say
 Stubborn, self-centered
 when you needed a friend

And I am sorry
 for when my words turned to knives
 Slicing deeply
 into the blast zone of your heart

I am sorry
 for too little and too late
 And for the fact
 that you’ll never hear these words

I forgive you
 though you’ve never asked forgiveness
 I cannot go on
 with this resentment in my heart

I am sorry
 for my barren insufficiencies
 for my lack of knowing
 of how to thank you for everything

I am so sorry
 for my pride, so foolhardy
 for the poison on my lips
 for the inferno in my soul

I am sure you know
 that I always did my best
 Please rest assured that I know
 you always did the same

I’m not sorry
 for being who I am
 but my soul laments
 in the echoes of this grief

I can’t be sorry
 for the fires of my being
 but I am sorry
 for consuming you alive

I am sorry
 for taking so long to say
 That the truth is that I love you
 There’s no other way to feel

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.