Enter the World Peace Party

Andrew L. Hicks
Nov 21, 2017 · 2 min read

People have asked, what political party will HICKS/YOU 2020 be affiliated with.

It cannot be emphasized enough, how imperative it is to form a new party, one that represents the combined interests and needs of all existing parties.

I know, that seems ridiculous to some at this point. My number one mission in life over the next three years, is to render coherent the idea that our seemingly-disparate perspectives are as puzzle pieces that can and will one day fit together beautifully.

This new party will not seek to defeat the other parties, but to build bridges between us all. The entire basis of the emerging party is that we can and will reinvent a society where everyone wins and no one loses.

This is a platform of philosophic, ethical, and logical integrity, that seeks to dismantle the double standards and inequities of the current status quo, while building an airtight policy that can survive intact through any and all scrutiny.

Together, we will build an America that is cohesive with itself and with the rest of the world.

Since this cause consciously extends beyond the boundaries of the United States of America, in that we acknowledge our relationship with the rest of the world and the importance of our being a copacetic, reasonable, and fair nation, the working title for this new political party is hereby the World Peace Party.

I considered ‘Global Peace Party’ but did not want to dis our dearest flat-eathers.


Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.

Andrew L. Hicks

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