HICKS/YOU 2020 Baseline Immigration Policy (Boiled Down)

Concluding the immigration reform topic for now, here are the bullet points on #HICKSYOU2020’s baseline ideals for immigration policy:

-Reduced requirements for becoming a U.S. citizen

-Develop a blueprint and timeline with as many nations as will cooperate, for an optional global citizenship package for people who are inclined to identify as Earthlings above all else (implementation could take decades, but every journey begins with a single step)

-If Donald Trump succeeds in building, whether partially or completely, a wall at the border between the United States and Mexico, one of our (as in, you and me) acts as president will be to deconstruct the wall and re-purpose the its materials for a monument at the border, and to build and expand schools and community centers in Mexico and the U.S.

-Utilize efficient, innovative tech and tools to identify, preempt, and non-lethally neutralize threats to homeland security, reducing budget for and implementation of weapons of deadly force

-Anyone from elsewhere who murders or otherwise terrorizes an American citizen will be non-lethally and temporarily neutralized and deported to their nation of origin. The deportation would be on the dollar of the nation of origin, in efforts to promote each nation to responsibly and holistically prepare their citizens to interact peacefully with the world

-Unwaveringly promote the virtue of diversity in America by increasing education on global perspectives and implementing large-scale cross-cultural events both in person and using Internet technology, that promote the practice of inclusion, cooperation, and empathy towards seemingly-disparate perceptions

-In sincere humility, apologize to those (home and abroad) we have wronged, ignored, marginalized, stigmatized, exploited, forgotten and disregarded for any reason and make authentic symbolic gestures of healing and reconciliation

This is NOT a show of weakness, but a proclamation that we acknowledge our mistakes, double standards, and hypocrisy in America, and we consciously strive to never lose track of our newly-declared congruence with the world

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.