Homelessness and Freedom

Some of the best times of my life were when I was homeless.

It’s not that homelessness makes me happy.

It’s that when I let go of the concept and rules of a home, I am free.

Freedom makes me happy.

Sometimes freedom by itself doesn’t equate to contentment, because safety and security become more prominent concerns outside of a home environment.

But honestly? I feel perfectly safe and secure, because I live my life in accordance with values that I believe in for their congruency with a higher universal order.

We’re getting into territory here where I may sound delusional, like someone who thinks of themselves as invincible and unstoppable. Delusions of grandeur and all that.

If you cut me, I’ll bleed.

If you cut off my head, my body will die.

Do you want me to bleed?

Do you want me to die?

Why would you want that?

I love you. Do you hate me for loving you?

If you do, then I invite you to try to cut off my head. I don’t think you’ll succeed, because I live in a world that responds to my vibrations of tireless love, by nourishing and protecting me.

Life has had plenty of clear shots at killing me.

I’ve tried to end myself before (sorry to anyone triggered by these words, I love you and I believe in you), but life kept me alive.

I’m stronger than never, ever before.

I stand taller in my convictions of love than anyone can ever stand in hate.

Because loves takes us farther.

Hatred subdues and denies.

Love expands and promotes.

Love goes further. Stands taller. Endures further, just enough to be the force that can’t be shut down for good.

I love you, the one reading these words, to the moon and back.

I love you, all the ones too lazy to read these words, to infinity and beyond.

I love you if you’re illiterate. I love you if you don’t know English. I love you if you’re an ant or a blade of grass.

This kind of love keeps me safe. I invite you to try it.

How? Simple. Just open your heart to everything.

Commit to understanding that which seems foreign to you, or opposite to you.

See that all living things want what you want.

To be safe, secure, free, fulfilled, fed, loved, nourished, and to pass on their data to the next round of living things.

When you operate from a place of choosing pure love over fear, even those who would exploit or abuse you will be moved.

You don’t have to believe that. But I believe it with all my heart. It is my grounding principle when it comes to interacting with others, and it has led me to experiences of connection with people I wouldn’t have gotten to know if I’d walked in a state of fear and being closed up.

The reason people choose fear is because they don’t see a path to lasting personal and cultural global peace.

I see the path though. And I’m walking it, and won’t ever stop.

Do you see the path?

Do you know the way?

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.