Make love go viral

The world seems massively out of balance. It can be tempting to give up hope.

Here’s the thing. If the world is ever going to find balance, it’s not going to be because you proved yourself right and those who disagreed with you wrong. It’s not going to happen from everyone yelling their views louder and louder until we all go deaf. It’s definitely not going to happen from bombing and killing each other, and building walls of proverbial and literal varieties.

If our human world (and the natural world by extension) is ever going to find balance, it is going to be because humans embraced love.

If you’re reading this, then embrace love. Do not wait for the rest of the world to embrace love first. Make the first move. The rest of the world is waiting on you. We are all waiting on each other.

In a way, everyone is just following everyone else’s lead, except for a few people that dig their toes into their ideals and stand up for love, no matter what. No matter what backwards legislation is signed into existence. No matter how far apart we can seem in our beliefs and ideals. Be someone who chooses love, no matter what, and you’ll be a beacon for balance.

In the cloudy chaos, you’ll be a lighthouse. So, shine. Just keep shining. Your tribe will come to you and you’ll all shine together. And more will come. And they’ll shine too. When we’re all shining, the murkiness gets filled by light.

Fear and hatred spread like a virus. So does love. Make love go viral.