Meek majesty and prideful obscurity

It’s a pleasurable irony that meekness and humility are keys that can unlock majestic, grandiose kingdoms of existence.

You can carry the energy of those grandiose kingdoms in your heart while staying humble. That’s called confidence and knowledge of your own worthiness.

But the people around you may mistake it for pride.

They may call you out on being arrogant and full of yourself.

Tread carefully through such encounters.

For when your ego takes up the task of proving your own humility, the confidence you walk within has betrayed you and become pride.

Pride leads not to majestic kingdoms, but to obscure shadows inhabited by beasts that lust to render you small and obsolete.

That’s another irony. Less pleasurable than the first. But no less poignant.

And the beauty is, being deconstructed for your pride will inevitably lead back to humility…

Then you get to try again (assuming you’re still alive, which you probably are if you’re reading this).

It’s like the world’s most awkward videogame. You don’t get to the next level until you master the one you’re on.

I mean, or you could use warp pipes, but that’s cheating…

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.