Must the Show Go On?

When I first started this blog, my intentions were simple.

I was depressed and getting eaten alive by addiction, and I wanted to be as honest about that as possible, while hopefully documenting my transcendent rise from the ashes.

Essentially, I wanted to help and inspire people while expressing myself and building a creative life.

These writings have been through many contradictory phases since that initial outset in late 2013.

Now, five years later, I feel more depressed and defeated than ever.

I haven’t succeeded in what I set out to do.

I’ve monumentally backslidden in numerous ways.

I’ve lost my focus and sense of purpose.

I don’t know how to save my own life anymore.

I don’t feel creative, or like I have anything to say I haven’t said dozens of times before.

Is this the end? Or is this part of the process?

Honestly, I don’t know…

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.