Power to Believe (In Yourself)

If you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll be lucky if anyone else does.

Your capabilities are enhanced by your confidence.

Your competence grows through practice and movement. You can only get so far with deliberation.

So, if you’re stuck and afraid, just move.

Move up. Move down. Fake left, go right.

Keep moving. Watch the ground keep appearing beneath your feet.

If you fall, thank the ground for stopping you from falling forever, and get back up.

Love often and love hard. Find the love in every crevice and mundane things. Subsist on it. Be fueled and expanded.

You’ve made it this far. Keep going. Believe in the forces that brought you here. Believe they’ll keep you going. Believe that you are those forces and of them.

Be golden beyond gold.

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.