Re-imagining Education

Imagine if high school were a scaled-down version of Epcot Center.

Each room symbolizes a different region of the world, down to painstaking detail. The teachers in each room dress to reflect the culture of that region. Students are encouraged to dress respectfully in tribute to other countries.

Students get to decide their courses with the help of their parents or guardian, and an academic advisory. There is no “one-size-fits-all” curriculum.

Students are matched with what they excel at, while receiving opportunities to go back and re-do their failures with the new context of experience.

Not everyone needs to excel at Mathematics, for instance. That’s what calculators are for. When I went to college, I loved math all of a sudden (I failed terribly at it in high school) and found myself quite adept at it through Intermediate Algebra.

Students should be given the opportunity to fall in love with what they used to detest, but more than that school needs to be a place of freedom, discovery, and finding passions.

Let’s turn school into a globe-trotting adventure, full of wonder and excitement and mystery.

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.