Setting Out On My Next Adventure ($$)

Asking for money is not an easy thing for me to do.


1. I know what it’s like to not have any money available to give to someone in need. I find it frustrating.

2. Sometimes, I have made harsh internal judgments about people who asked me for money, whether I had any to give or not. I do not wish to beget that reaction in someone else.

3. I’ve seen people I know bemoan others who have committed themselves to lives of service and reliance on donations from churches and other supporters. I don’t want to be bemoaned.

In 2015, when I told my dad that I wanted to travel around and spread light, love, and hope in communities across the country and world, he responded by saying that it sounds a lot like what missionaries do.

Which led me to wonder if I’d be able to make a life out of traveling, making the world a better place, showing up randomly at the right place at the right time and saving someone’s life, and just being an exceptionally kind and loving human being who does what he can for anybody who needs it.

I have seen some of the positive differences I have been able to make in people’s lives. I am sure there would be many people in many countries who would attest to the value I’ve provided for them.

Thing is, I have rarely thought about monetizing the value I provide, because that almost always seems like hindering barrier. When I see someone’s need not getting met and I have a way to meet that need, I feel that it is belligerent of me to turn away just because they don’t possess money to exchange.

On the other hand, I have worked hard to monetize my endeavors as a writing coach and business person, in my journey towards self-sufficiency.

If you could see everything in my brain, we’d all have a good laugh. It’s a crazy place, my brain. Packed to the brim with sweeping ideas, visions, plans, and llamas. Lots and lots of llamas.

My life looks like a slow-burner from the outside, because you don’t see all the juicy stuff going on inside. I try to show you, but you just get the o’le tip of the iceberg.

I’ve thought before, that I should focus on just one thing at a time and get it done, but that’s not normally how my brain works…

As a result, I have a myriad of projects of all kinds that I’ve been chipping away at for years. Some are very lucrative, and some are just for shits and giggles. Gotta remember to shit and giggle, people.

These projects are going to start seeing the light of day, one-by-one. It’s going to look like I did a whole lot in no time, but that’s just because you haven’t witnessed the process.

I will get to a point when I do not need to ask for money.

I will get to a point when I can just turn hundred dollar bills into paper air planes and throw them at people on the street.

You don’t have to believe that. But I do.

And if you do too, then I am asking you right now, for your support as I continue working towards my dreams.

My next adventure will take me to Ohio for a few days, and then I’ll be headed out to Idaho to spend a week or two with my best friend from high school.

Along the way, I’ll continue treating every person I meet with the utmost dignity and respect, and spread word of the HICKS/YOU 2020 campaign far and wide while developing its next courses of action.

Also, I could really, really use a new laptop that can keep me getting my writing online while on the road. I currently have a desktop all-in-one. It’s pretty nice, but works best in a home setting. Am open to the idea of trading it for a laptop, as long as it is a relatively efficient, powerful machine.

My meetings in Ohio and Idaho will both be potentially awesome sources of ideas for generating more income going forward. I’ll keep you posted on developments.

Thanks so much to everyone that’s helped me so far. One day, I think we should have a monument erected in honor of the power of people finding and supporting each other online.

As always, much love to ya’ll (still got a little piece of Georgia in me).

My PayPal (best way to receive money currently) email is:

Google Pay (Formerly Google Wallet) works too, but not quite as well right now. Same email:

Or if you just want me to swing by and you can stash cash in my G-string, that works too.

No, I don’t wear a G-string. Normally.

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.