Three Million Light Years

From three million light years away
 I saw your face, I saw your face
 Not like the physical, more like the whimsical
 In outer space, in outer space
 You take me and you touch me, and I know you’ll never leave 
 Because you’re real, you are too real
 Electricity beckons me, fills me up, invigorates me
 I’ve got a buzz, you are my buzz
 You got me singin’ indie songs to tunes I never tried before
 You are my muse, little hipster muse
 The world is whipping by outside, we don’t have time to die
 So step on right up, get in the groove
 If you could hear my voice right now, I’d sound like Janis Joplin now
 I am possessed, I am possessed
 When you close your lovely eyes, life keeps movin’ and intrudin’, oh
 So be alert, play in the dirt
 You’re a pixie on a prairie, up atop the clouds of majesty
 The way you move, gets me to move
 You’re a demon with a halo and a harp that plays tornadoes, babe
 So play on, send me a storm
 You are a thunderclap within a tap by fingers on a steering wheel
 You go boom, and I follow along
 From anywhere in any land, I can smell your faerie dust and wow
 It takes me, decompresses me
 I know that we’re a far cry from some typical notion of love
 But this is right, this is all right
 So call out to me from the abyss, or from jail or the apocalypse
 And I’ll come to you, I’ll come for you
 It isn’t hard to summon me, it isn’t hard to count on me
 Just be true, and we’ll get through

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.