War for Erasure

Welcome to the inner war
 No one sees it but you
 They can see the casualties
 in your eyes
 They can feel the scorching flame
 of your lies
 The pound of flesh you reside within
 is the martyr and the scapegoat of malicious sin
 But you’re out of control
 This is not your show
 You are bound and gagged
 with a knife to your throat

Spinning in the backseat of your mind
 while your car is speeding at 189
 Crimes committed by your hands
 but you don’t understand
 You always meant well
 but you’re screaming in hell
 You wake up, immobile
 Was it all a dream?
 You could be so lucky
 if life weren’t so mean
 Can’t move, can’t see, can’t hide, come clean
 Can’t hear over fear, come now, full steam

In a dialect of alien origin
 They label you a societal distortion
 With a spatula, they pry you from pan
 and corrupt your blood with Diazapam
 They give you a number and forget your name
 They lock you up and deem you insane

But you’re a supernova
 You deserve better than this
 Just gotta find all the pieces
 And baby, find your bliss
 When you’re back in the game
 They’ll say, “Stay in line”
 But your line of destiny
 starts high in the sky
 No need to conform
 Just be reborn
 Adhere to intuition
 Take ’em all by storm
 When judgment day comes
 and they read all your mistakes
 There won’t a single one
 They’ll all be erased

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.