Warden and the Slave

She collects herself
 Locks together her pieces
 She designs her fate
 through every season
 From fall through March
 she stays indoors
 During summertime
 she shows her core
 When she dances
 the earth twists and shakes
 Her singing voice
 opens Nature’s gates
 Deceptive eyes so humble, plain
 When she turns around, they’re full of flame
 Do not endeavor to decipher
 her holy code
 No cryptologist
 has a hope
 Just let her be mysterious
 Just watch her be mischievous
 Do not, I said don’t
 try to find her name
 Don’t waste your time
 with jealous games
 She is the warden and the slave
 inside your cell
 She’s the god and the devil
 of thine golden bell
 She is beauty
 by the ugliness trapped
 in my mind
 She’s a she
 She’s a he
 She’s a me
 She’s a we
 She’s a you
 She’s a two
 She’s a fool
 when she rules
 He disassembles himself
 Throws away the pieces
 He hides in the most
 unruly places.

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.

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