What Is Stopping You?

Whatever is stopping you from going all out and living your authentic truth, the barriers are probably not as big and bad as they seem.

The excuses in your head are lies. Cynical wisdom that others use to keep you where you’re at sounds convincing sometimes, but it only has as much gravity as you put into it.

When you move forward, the anxiety might seem crippling. Keep going until you see that the anxiety isn’t attached to any actual element of your circumstance. Everything going on around you isn’t the origin of the anxiousness; you are. Endure the rush and watch the illusions melt away in the warmth of the sun.

To claim your authentic truth is to own your world. To rule your kingdom. Being enslaved to the density and despair of the old status quo is no longer necessary. Now is the time for you to rise and get real and start living the life you always longed for deep down but were too afraid to step into.

Once you rise, there’s no desire or need to go back.

How far will the momentum carry you?

How far into the depths of time and space will your light reach?

Originally published at Andrew L. Hicks.