Life Can Be Much Broader
Rawnald G Erickson III

You’re going to work this out. It’s going to be brilliant. You’re brilliant.

Of course, maybe you won’t work it out. I once had a friend with a brother. My friend hated his brother for being such a burden on their parents. His brother reminded me of me. I said to my friend, “Your brother is going to work this out. He’s going to shine.” Then, his brother died. I still feel sick about his wasted potential.

I don’t go around assuming people are going to die. Well, I mean, die in untimely fashion. I assume they are going to shine. Sometimes, they prove me wrong, but I don’t let that change me. As for you, you’re already shining. I would feel sick if you wasted your potential, if you worked a job you hate for the rest of your life. You’re made for more. That’s clear.

It all goes back to balance. Balance between you, and the world you live in. It’s give and take, like in any relationship. You’re in a relationship with society as a whole. Mastering the tight rope act is no easy feat. I don’t even know how people do it. But we’ll figure it out. We know the answers. We are the answers.

Much love to you. xo

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